What you need to know about moving insurance

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Starting the moving process without moving insurance is one of the biggest mistakes you can make right now. It’s easy to pack up all the stuff and load it into the truck. But think about what could happen if your things get damaged during the move, or if one of your friends who help you gets hurt, or if any other unforeseen circumstances come up. Moving insurance is one of the best ways you can protect your belongings at this time. Since the law states that moving companies are obliged to provide their customers with compensation of 60 cents per pound per item in case of damage, loss, etc. We will now reveal everything you need to know about moving insurance. And know that if you choose one of the reliable moving companies GTA offers, safety for your things is guaranteed, regardless of the type and distance of your move.

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Why do you need moving insurance?

Moving is a process full of surprises, but also challenges. During your journey to, for example, Hamilton, you may encounter various obstacles. Starting from packing your furniture, until its unloading and unpacking. And one of the biggest challenges can be stairs. In the event that some of your furniture is damaged when going down the stairs, with the help of moving insurance, you will be able to compensate for the damage. And that’s why the best solution is always to find proven and safe moving companies Hamilton. Also, because of its proximity to Toronto, Hamilton is one of the best places to live in Canada. And its population, according to data from CBC News, rises to 812,528 inhabitants. In addition, it’s a favorite because of James Street North and Lock Street, where there are many modern restaurants and cafes.

Couple moving sofa
You need moving insurance in order to be able to compensate for damage caused during your move.

In the desire to save money, people often decide on a DIY move. In such situations, they invite friends to help them move and deal with bulky furniture and other items. Okay, that’s a pretty good plan. But these are also situations when you need insurance. For example, if you rent a truck and it breaks down, you have more options, to ask for insurance from the renter, or use your insurance policy. Also, in situations where one of your helpers is injured, you should provide him with insurance and cover all costs. And if you do happen to drop your new TV, then you’ll need a policy that covers all the risks or hazards listed.

What do you need to know about moving insurance?

When you start the moving process and hire a moving company that is responsible for packing your belongings, and transporting them from point A to point B, then the moving company is responsible for your belongings. And that means you have to find a reliable moving company. For example, moving companies King City have enough experience with such things, but also a large number of successful relocations behind them, so they can be a good option. King City can be a great option too. If you haven’t decided where to move to yet, this city is a great family place with many attractions, such as the Valovitic Hills, Oak Ridges Moraine, and Dutch Swamp. Explore this city!

Persons filling out the insurance policy
When filling out the insurance policy, attach the house inventory list and clearly state your requirements.

There are many things you need to know about moving insurance, some of which are:

  • Insurance coverage
  • The price

Know that anyone who has moved at least once will advise you not to start this process without moving insurance!

What does the insurance actually cover during the move?

First of all, you need to know that you can obtain insurance based on the assessment of your belongings. In most cases, this is done by employees of the moving company. But you can also create your own inventory list and submit it to your chosen moving company. So, the main question is what does moving insurance cover, that’s why we have singled out a few things:

  • Damage to things due to natural disasters (earthquakes, storms, rain, etc.)
  • Random breakage items
  • Internal damage to the devices
  • Losing things
Couple checking inventory list
The inventory list will help you check if any of the things you moved with you are missing.

The best way is to create your inventory list before your move and give it to your movers. If, for example, you are moving to Oakville, with the help of your inventory list, movers Oakville will have a complete list of things and will be able to present you with the most favorable offer for moving insurance. Therefore, before you start packing, make an effort to make an inventory list.

How much does moving insurance cost?

During the move, you always have the option of taking out special insurance that isn’t part of the moving company. But you have to keep in mind that such insurance can cost more than average. When you decide to take out an insurance policy for your move, the moving company will perform a moving assessment of your belongings. The moving assessment includes compensation for all things that are lost, destroyed, or damaged during the move. If you choose full coverage insurance, you will need to pay 1% of the total valuation. And you also need to be informed about livability and protection.

How to submit a claim for damages?

And for the end, we come back to the importance of the home inventory list. When you notice after the move that something is missing, that something is damaged, or completely destroyed, you need to submit a written request to your moving company. If you have a bill of lading, state the damage or loss. Also, you can take pictures of the damaged items, and attach the pictures to the request together with your inventory list from the beginning of your move. So, this is only part of what you need to know about moving insurance. And if you have any questions, you can call us or contact movers Vaughan, if you are moving there. Vaughan is also one of the great places to live with various attractions like Canada’s Wonderland, Casa Loma, etc.


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