The ultimate room-by-room packing guide

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Preparing your home for moving doesn’t have to be stressful for you and your family. Since there are often many concerns, little time, and a lot of things to do, the best thing to help yourself is to plan. Planning a detailed course of action for the days leading to your move will make it a nice experience, pleasurable even! Of course, Apollo Moving is always here to help you out if things get hectic. One of the things that people stress about is packing their home. If you want to avoid feeling that way, follow the room-by-room packing guide we have prepared for you. This way, you will save time, and also avoid unpleasant feelings that can surround your moving.

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Room-by-room packing guide

In order to prepare your packing guide, you should know where to start. This is the thing that will allow you to use your time in the best possible way. And it will also ease your mind. You should first know that you are supposed to start packing early enough. Don’t leave this for the last day before your move, as you will try and rush the whole process. This will also make you stressed and worried about how everything will turn out. And if anything gets damaged, rush and inexperience are often a factor. So, an early start is always welcomed.

Secondly, always start with the least used rooms. You don’t want to have your whole kitchen packed and have no possibility to prepare your meals. Or no bed to sleep in. Start with your guest room, guest bathroom, garage, or attic. Depending on where you live and which room is the least used. Then go to the other ones. Think about whether you will need storage services GTA offers for some of the furniture.

Woman writing a plan for room-by-room packing guide
Making a detailed plan after reading the room-by-room packing guide will make your move stress-free!

Prepare the materials

Now that you have the action plan, you need to get all the necessary materials. You will need boxes, and you will need them in different sizes. You don’t want to overpack large boxes with small items. Another type of material you will need is protective materials. Get packing peanuts, bubble wrap, packing paper… You can reuse some items you already have if you want to spend less. For example, towels are a good replacement for some protective materials. Get some markers and tape to finish. You will need markers for labeling the boxes. This is an important step that will prevent mess when unpacking. So, make your list and run to the store. You really don’t want to start packing and realize you are missing packing tape. Packing services GTA residents often use can make this process much easier.


Since the bedroom will be packed among the last rooms, you need a good plan not to stress. Start with your closet. It is a good idea to wash all of your clothes before packing them. This way, you will have it ready to wear once you are in your new home. Pack your clothes in suitcases and boxes. There are also boxes with closet rods for suits and dresses. Do the same with your bedding. If you can, disassemble all the furniture you can. Make sure all of the drawers of your furniture are emptied out and taped, so they don’t open during the drive.

A couple carrying the couch
Protect all of your furniture, and if you can, disassemble it before packing.

Living room

The same goes with the furniture here, anything that you can disassemble, do it. It will make it much easier to load the truck. Be careful with large items while carrying them out. You can either damage the walls or your items, so use a dolly and help from a friend if you can. Mirrors, TV, and anything with glass can be protected with a protective foam material that you can wrap around. And when packing a TV make sure to keep it in the upright position. This will ensure that it doesn’t damage when movers Brampton offers come to load the truck. Place your books into the packing boxes, but be sure not to overpack them. If the weight is too heavy, the box might brake.

Kitchen / Dining room

Packing the kitchen can take some time. You need to empty the fridge and the freezer with enough time to leave them to dry. After you have everything out, leave the doors open so that the inside dries. This will prevent mold and bad smells. Afterward, wrap the edges and doors shut, so it doesn’t damage or open while in transport. Be careful when getting the cabinets off the walls if you are moving those as well. To avoid damaging the walls or hurting yourself, you can hire residential movers GTA to help you with this.

For smaller appliances, if you have their original box, then perfect. Just put them in their box and tape it over. If not, use one of the boxes you bought. Make sure to wrap the cables in a circle and tie them together so they won’t damage from bad angles. Plates, glasses, and other items should be wrapped individually in moving paper and placed in a box. Be careful with choosing the sizes for these boxes, as something so fragile can get easily damaged if the box doesn’t fit.

Couple holding packed plates
Plates, glassware, and similar items should be wrapped individually in protective materials

Insurance policies while moving

You will have different options for insurance depending on whether you are hiring a moving company or doing it on your own. Most moving companies offer liability coverage, and you should ask your movers about it, so you have all the information. If you need additional insurance or you are moving on your own, you have more options. Do your research properly and pick whatever you need. Getting good insurance for your valuables like jewelry, your car, or your piano will protect you and make you feel at ease.

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