Pros and cons of moving to GTA

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No city is perfect, that is for sure. In order to make your living there perfect, you need to be prepared to fully embrace not only its good but also its bad sides. With this in mind, we are going to let you know what the pros and cons of moving to GTA are. If it happens that you have never been here before and you do not know anyone who has, this is going to be a good start. You will learn the most important things and you will come to Toronto prepared.

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One of the pros is that there are many neighborhoods to choose from

To be more precise, there are more than 100 neighborhoods in Toronto. Each neighborhood has its own unique features and vibes. If you want to live in a Victorian home, you should relocate to Yorkville or Annex. In case you prefer a diverse environment, you should choose Kensington Market. If it happens that you are looking for the perfect place for a young professional, move to Liberty Village. As you can see, you can be sure that you will find precisely what you are looking for. Once you do it, the next step is to get in touch with GTA movers and start completing moving tasks. They are going to help you reach your new Toronto home with no great effort.

You will also love the fact that the economy is strong and there are many job opportunities

Toronto is a major financial center. In fact, it is home to the Toronto Stock Exchange. This is the seventh stock exchange in the world. So, if you are an economist, you probably cannot wait to relocate here. On the other hand, if you want to be engaged in the movie industry, it will also be possible to do it here. Many American productions film their movies here because it is much cheaper than doing it in the USA.

Two persons shaking hands
Take some time to find a suitable job and you will be much happier!

What you should also know is that there are many startups and headquarters of tech corporations here. All in all, you are going to have an abundance of job opportunities after your relocation. When you choose a new home, contact one of the finest moving companies Hamilton offers and they will help you relocate smoothly.

Getting around the city is going to be quite convenient

Another one of the pros of moving to Toronto is that the city has an extensive public transit system. The transit system is constantly expanding. This means that no matter which part of Toronto you are living in, you will have no problem reaching any point in the city you think of. There will be no need for you to own a car since this is a much cheaper option. In addition to this, you will also be thinking about your environment and pollution. So, focus on finding a new home and, when you find it, get in touch with some of the most dependable movers Vaughan offers. They are going to make your moving process an enjoyable memory.

You will have a hard time choosing a school or university

It is certainly a great thing that Toronto has a wide range of schools and universities. Many of them are quite prestigious and top-ranked. No matter what level of education you are looking for, you are going to find it. As a matter of fact, you may have a problem choosing one of them.

A girl thinking that one of the pros and cons of moving to Toronto is having a wide variety of schooling options to choose from
You are not going to make a mistake whichever school or university you choose.

Considering the fact that Toronto is a great place to study and that it offers many options, this may be a problem. However, one thing is certain – whichever school or university you choose, you are not going to make a mistake. In case you find a suitable school near King City, feel free to relocate there. One of the best moving companies King City offers is completely at your disposal.

Pros and cons of moving to GTA – there are four seasons

If it happens that you are a person who likes changes, especially when seasons are in question, you are going to love living in Toronto. There is a great number of seasonal activities that you can participate and enjoy in. For example, you will get to witness cherry blossoms each spring. In case you like winter, you will be happy to hear that there are many ski hills. On the other hand, if you prefer summer, you will get to enjoy Toronto’s beaches and lakes. The autumn season is magical – a wide variety of colors is everywhere around you. However, if you are not a fan of changes of this kind, do your best to find something good about each of them. In fact, some of the finest moving and storage Mississauga services offers are going to make this step simpler.

One of the main reasons why people move to Toronto is its low crime rate

One of the safest cities you can relocate to is definitely Toronto. When you compare it to, for example, New York and London, Toronto is by far the safest. Considering the fact that diversity is a synonym for Toronto, you can conclude that tolerance and peace are the most important pillars of society. Basically, no matter what race, nationality, or gender you are, you will be welcome.

Four men sitting
One thing about Toronto is certain – this is a safe city.

Just make sure you choose a neighborhood that suits you best. Some of them are quite crowded, which you will probably like if you want to spend more time outdoors and meet new people. So, feel free to move to Oakville and find one of the most reputable moving companies Oakville offers to help you. On the other hand, if you are moving with a family, you will go to a more peaceful area.

Primary healthcare in Toronto is free

This is certainly one of the best advantages of living in Toronto. Overall, living in Canada gives you an opportunity to be part of their universal healthcare system. This means that you will not have to worry about expensive medical bills if you ever be in need of medical assistance. A great number of public hospitals and clinics are at your disposal. They offer free or low-cost primary healthcare. So, one thing is certain – whether you have a minor cold or a serious injury, you can rest assured that you will be able to get the top treatment. Since you will not have to worry about this part, all you should do now is contact some of the best movers Toronto ON offers. They are going to help you and you will reach your new home with a smile on your face.

You are never going to be bored

What is also great about Toronto and Canada, in general, is that you are going to be at the heart of the action. First of all, you will get to visit some of the popular attractions, such as Ripley’s Aquarium, the CN Tower, and the Royal Ontario Museum. If you want to explore the city’s cultural scene, make sure you check out the latest art exhibits, plays, movies, etc.

Toronto at night
You are going to have fun in Toronto every day – just choose your cup of tea

Also, if you like spending time in nature, this is going to be a great place for you. Nature in Canada is beyond beautiful. There is a great number of wondrous places to visit and see and make sure you start doing this as soon as you relocate. Feel free to start making a list of places to visit in a certain order and let one of the most dependable moving companies Newmarket offers to do their job.

Bear in mind that the cost of living in Toronto is high

As you already know and as we have mentioned, there are many things you can do in Toronto. However, having fun comes with a price. For example, renting a one-bedroom apartment is around $2,000. Utilities, groceries, and transportation for one person for one month are around $3,000. So, you should bear this in mind when looking for a job and a new home. During the first months here, do your best not to spend too much and to save as much money as possible. The good thing is that there are many cheap or free things that you can do in Toronto. So, explore these options first and, once you get a glimpse of how your life is going to be here, it will be easier to plan other things.

The high standard of living is another one of the pros and cons of moving to GTA

It is certainly a good thing that you will be living in a place with a high standard of living. This is a clean city that offers many opportunities and where you will surely find happiness. However, you should also know that the taxes are quite high. As a matter of fact, taxes here are among the highest in entire Canada. The sales tax is among the highest – it is around 13%.

Word TAX spelled out
One of the pros and cons of moving to GTA is the standard of living.

Also, you should bear in mind that you will have to pay both provincial and state income taxes in Toronto. This is something that can discourage investment and economic growth and that can lead to job losses. So, when you start searching for a job, do your best to find a job that suits you and that is paid well. This is the only way that will make it possible for you not to worry about the future.

The crowd and the noise can be overwhelming sometimes

Another one of the cons of living in Toronto is that this is a noisy city. In case you are living on a busy street, it should come as no surprise that there is the constant sound of traffic. If it happens that this is not something that bothers you, you can feel free to rent a home that is in a prominent part of Toronto. On the other hand, if you are a person who is stressed out when exposed to something of this kind, get a good pair of earplugs. This is going to help you wait for a good moment to relocate to a more peaceful area. It is going to be worth it – just look at it as one more useful experience.

Flights to other parts of the country can be pricy

If you are coming from Europe, you are surely used to using the services of low-cost companies. However, be prepared for a shock of a sort. In Canada, when you wish to visit other parts of the country and learn more about it, you will have to pay between $300 and $400 for an inland flight. Yes, this is quite expensive, which means that you will probably have to plan your trips and vacations in advance.

Airplane flying
If you are used to low-cost flights, you will have to say goodbye to them after the move.

If you are used to exploring different towns and cities on your weekend getaways, you will have to change this habit. Even if you decide to go by train, the situation does not get better. Quite the contrary – the connections are not that great, which means that this can make spontaneous travel more expensive.

All in all, we need to agree that the pros and cons of moving to GTA are balanced. In order for you to get the most out of it, make sure you find a home that you can actually afford. Do some calculations and you will get a clearer picture of what to look for. As a result, you will surely enjoy living in this city and you will find a way to make everything work.


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