Pros and cons of buying a property in Toronto

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Buying a property is a very good decision at almost any time. Obviously, the conditions under which you are going to obtain the said property need to be acceptable to you. However, the perfect scenario is getting the property at its lowest price, but that does not happen all that often. This means that, in order to make the decision of whether to invest in one or not, you will have to do a lot of thinking. Today, Apollo Moving is going to share with you some of the reasons for and against buying a property in Toronto. In the case that you have been thinking about investing in Toronto real estate and finding GTA moving services, we believe you should stick with us till the end. In case you should decide to make the purchase, you should call us to help you move with ease!

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Buying a property in Toronto – why should you even consider it

Right at the beginning, it would be a smart move to first think about whether Toronto is a city for you. Obviously, it is entirely possible to buy a property here and then, if you don’t immediately think about hiring local movers Toronto has to offer to help you move, lease it out. In that case, what the city is like is not going to play an important role in your decision-making process. However, you should still know what to expect from it.

Toronto skyline by day
Toronto is a major city with a lot to offer to all

The good sides to owning a property in Toronto:

  • Looking for quality and free healthcare? Toronto is the place to be
  • Plenty of job opportunities
  • Healthy lifestyle and access to plenty of greenery

So far so good, right? Well, let’s spoil that a bit. Here are the reasons against buying real estate in Ontario’s capital:

  • Toronto is not really among the most affordable cities in Canada
  • A large city means plenty of traffic jams
  • Making new friends can turn out to be difficult
  • Never gonna witness a Stanley Cup parade

Let’s find out more.

Pros: the healthcare

This one is pretty straightforward, right? If you decide to move to hire residential movers Toronto has to offer and relocate here from abroad, you can bet that, should anything go wrong healthwise, you can rely on Canada’s universal healthcare system. And not only is it free, but it is very reliable as well. The state has been investing in healthcare for years and it shows.

Pros: Plenty of job opportunities await after buying a property in Toronto

In the case that you are looking to start a new job here, then you should put a smile on your face. Not because it is required, but because there are reasons to be happy about seeking a job in Toronto. No matter whether you are in banking, IT, or any other industry for that matter, you can bet that you will be able to find a nice job fairly easily. So, invest in moving and storage in Toronto to relocate in the most efficient way.

And by the way, if you are thinking about relocating your company here, you should have no issue finding quality labor as well. 

By buying a property in Toronto you gain access to free healthcare
Universal healthcare is one of the perks of living in Toronto!

Pros: Torontonians promote a healthy lifestyle

Being outside and active is a thing here – during summer at least, since the winter tends to be harsh. But on a more serious note, it is important to point out that a healthy lifestyle is popular among Canadiens. What is very popular is bicycling through the city and using bicycles as a form of transport. Plus, it is often quicker than being stuck in traffic.

Cons: Living in Toronto can be expensive

The first downside to buying a property in Toronto is that the city can really get expensive. No matter whether you are thinking about buying a house, a flat, or a commercial property, the prices are not really going to be affordable. So, think about this before investing and hiring packing services Toronto has to offer to help you relocate. This is a decision that you need to get right.

Cons: Expect to get stuck in traffic jams if you end up buying a property in Toronto

Traffic jams are something that no major city has been able to deal with. Toronto is not different in that regard. If you should decide to continue your life here, then you need to be aware that you are probably going to spend time commuting unless you are lucky enough to buy property close to where you end up working.

ice hockey goalie
Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Toronto and Canada in general

Cons: Making new friends can be a difficult feat

Moving to a new city really can be a lot to deal with. However, making new friends upon arrival can sometimes be even more demanding.

With kids, it is much easier. They go to school, do sports, or play instruments. All of these places are places where they are going to be able to meet other kids. As an adult, it is much different. We are not saying that it is impossible to do so, but it can be challenging.

Cons: Not witnessing a Stanley Cup parade

Everyone knows that ice hockey is like a religion in Canada. However, it has been a long while since the last time a Canadian team won the Cup. However, for the Maple Leafs and their fans, the situation is dire! And it has been like that since 1967! So, if you are a hockey fan looking to support a local team and hope to witness a Stanley Cup parade, then Toronto probably is not the right place for you to move to.

So, is buying a property in Toronto what you should do?

The question of buying a property in Toronto and how it fits your plans are for you to answer. Once you have made a positive decision, make sure to give us a call. We are going to see that your move is quick and easy!


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