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Moving an antique grand piano to a new house, or even just a different room, isn’t like moving any old piece of furniture—there are keys, pedals, wiring, and other components that might be costly (or perhaps impossible) to replace. We will assist you in avoiding personal injury and property damage. We specialise in moving this sort of instrument and have the necessary equipment to transfer the instrument as well as the ability to disassemble and rebuild the piano if necessary.
A piano may come in numerous shapes, but the largest and hardest to transport into a new house is a grand piano. As much as you like having a piano in your home, it might be difficult to transport it when you want to relocate.
We provide the service of Piano moving so that it is a convenience for you to move easily and without any hassle. The hard lifting will be handled by Apollo movers. You don’t have to move your big piano yourself; instead, you may hire us to do it for you. This manner, you may save time and energy while focusing your complete concentration on moving your other belongings into your new house.
When moving your piano from one location to another, safety should be your top consideration. You’d want your piano to arrive in pristine condition at its new home. You may relax knowing that we will do everything possible to keep your piano clean.
We have the necessary tools and equipment to adequately safeguard your piano while it is on the moving truck. We will apply protective coatings and layers to ensure that your piano does not get dents when it moves accidentally due to road bumps.
I don’t think choosing to move your piano on your own is the best option as it can cause you injuries. People usually don’t have avid knowledge or equipment to handle a piano.

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Frequently Asked Question

Answer: Pets, liquids, oils, and combustible things will not be permitted on board the truck.
Answer: Our movers are given one 15-minute break every two hours of labour, which is included in the hourly charge. If your moving job lasts more than 4 hours, our movers are given one 30-minute lunch break, which will not be billed to you.
Answer: All furniture is wrapped and covered with cushioned moving blankets, which are included in the standard fee.
Answer: If you are unable to pack your belongings on your own, we provide moderately priced packing services. However, if you want our packing services, we recommend that you schedule them ahead of time to allow for enough preparation. The time our movers spend packing your belongings will be charged at our usual hourly rate.
Answers: Yes, we request that you provide us a detailed list of the goods that will be relocated ahead of time. Apollo Moving will guarantee that your movers come in a vehicle large enough to transfer all of your belongings in a single trip based on the information you supply. Our biggest trucks (26 square feet) will be allotted to places with more than two bedrooms. While these are normally large enough to accommodate a single relocation, our movers may need to make multiple trips with no pricing modifications in some situations.

Answer: No, Sorry we do not have the resources to move any kind of food items.

Answer: Toxins, such as mouse or rat poison, oxygen and propane tanks, flammables, explosives, firearms, and ammunition, are not transported

Answer: Without a doubt. We have a customer service section that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and keeps track of all moving consignments throughout the day.
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