Piano Moving Tips: How to Safely Relocate Your Precious Instrument

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Canadians tend to move more often than you think. According to a recent survey, 43% of Canadians moved primary residences less than every ten years, 15% did it every six to 10 years, while fewer than 20% did so more frequently than that.

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While that’s true, moving is still stressful, especially when moving a speciality item like a piano. As leading Toronto piano movers, we know how painstakingly difficult it is to move something so delicate and valuable. Whether you are moving your piano across the province to a new home or a performance venue within the city, you are going to need all the help you can get.
So, here are seven expert piano moving tips.


1. Measure Your Hallways and Doors

Whether it’s short or long-distance piano moving, the first thing you need to do is plan. It starts with measuring your hallways, doors, stairs, elevators, and other passages. Be sure the piano can fit into all of them. This will help avoid any last-minute surprises on moving days.

2. Get the Right Packaging Supplies

Once you have measured the hallways and passages, the next step is to gather the right packaging supplies. It’s the key to keeping your piano safe during the move. As experienced Toronto piano movers, we recommend getting the following supplies:

  • Screwdrivers
    You will need a set of screwdrivers. While you can move small pianos without disassembling them, that may not always be the right choice, especially for long-distance piano moving. We recommend disassembling small parts using screwdrivers and handling them separately. It lowers the risk of damage during the move.
  • Moving Blankets and Stretch Wraps
    Use moving blankets and wraps as a protective layer. These will protect your piano against bumps and scratches. Wrap the piano thoroughly. Make sure all sides are covered and padded. Use stretch wraps over the blankets to add a layer of protection.
  • A Dolly and Skid Board
    You will also need a dolly and skid board to safely move the piano from your home to the moving truck. Many Toronto piano movers, including Apollo Moving, use them to move it to the truck. Just make sure the dolly and skid board can handle the weight of the piano.
  • Straps
    Once your piano is securely placed on the dolly, use heavy-duty straps to tie it down. These straps will hold the piano in place. They will prevent any movement that could damage the piano or injure the movers while going through doorways, down ramps, or up into the moving truck.

3. Keep Your Safety in Mind

Moving a piano is a physically demanding task. You will need to be careful about your personal safety and that of those helping you. One of the fundamental rules of moving heavy objects is to lift with your knees, not your back. You will need to bend at the knees and keep your back straight as you lift. That’s one of our pro piano moving tips. You can use a piano moving harness for added safety and efficiency. A harness distributes the weight of the piano more evenly across your body. This helps you move the piano without injuring your back.

One more piano moving tip is to always work with a team. Pianos are heavy and awkwardly shaped. It’s not easy to move them single-handedly, especially down the stairs and up into the moving truck. Make sure every member of your team follows these safety instructions.


4. Clear the Moving Path

Before you move the piano, clear the moving path. Take the time to walk through the path your piano will travel. Check all doorways, hallways, stairs, or tight corners for clutter.You might also want to move any rugs and mats. These can easily cause tripping or slipping, especially when moving heavy objects like a piano. Similarly, remove or secure all electrical cords, wires, or cables along the path. Remove any paintings, mirrors, or other decorations hanging on the walls along the path. The piano might bump into these. It could also bump into furniture and plants. You will need to rearrange or temporarily remove furniture and plants that could obstruct the path.

5. Use the Right Lifting Equipment and Technique

As mentioned, use the right lifting equipment and techniques when moving a piano. You will need a piano dolly, skid board, safety straps, and a piano moving harness. The skid board provides a stable platform for the piano. It helps distribute the weight evenly, which minimises the strain on your body.You can use the harness to load the piano onto the skid board. You might also need it to lift the piano onto the truck again. Make sure to lift with your knees, not your back. And another pro piano moving tip is to check everything is secure.

6. Safely Load the Piano onto the Truck

As professional Toronto piano movers, we believe loading a piano onto the truck is the most critical part of the process. First, use a sturdy ramp to move the piano onto the truck. Position the dolly with the piano at the base of the ramp. Have at least two movers support the piano from the sides to keep it stable while moving it onto the truck. Move the piano slowly up the ramp. Avoid any sudden movements. Once inside, position the piano against a wall. Use strong straps to fasten it in place securely. It should keep the piano from getting damaged during the move.

7. Unload, Unpack, and Assemble the Piano

The last leg of your piano moving process is equally important. When you arrive at your destination, reverse the loading process. Get your piano out of the truck slowly using a ramp. Keep it steady and controlled to avoid any jolts or slips. Once it’s on the ground, move it to its new location carefully. Remove the straps and the blankets and unpack the piano. If you disassembled it before moving, you will need to put it back together. However, move the piano exactly where you want it to be before reassembling it.

Need Help Moving Your Piano?

That’s it. These piano moving tips should help you through the process. However, moving a delicate item like a piano can be stressful. It requires careful planning, teamwork, and execution. It might also be a safety risk if you haven’t moved a piano before. In other words, it’s better to leave this to the experts. Don’t worry, we can help you. Since 2009, Apollo Moving has been one of the best movers in the GTA area. We can help you move home, office, and specialty items like Pianos. Contact us to schedule your move.

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