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Moving to a new home is often a stressful experience for people. This doesn’t have to happen to you. This relocation can go on without stress and with the best planning ever. All you need is to get service from Oshawa movers and we at Apollo Moving have exactly the best offer for you. Make your move a pleasant and exciting experience that leads toward a new chapter of your life.

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A man packing a box
Oshawa movers can help make your next relocation a smooth experience!

Why Choose Apollo Moving

When you choose Apollo Moving and Storage, you get the best in service, safety, and affordability. To ensure the most enjoyable possible experience for you, we go the extra mile.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Our company is fully licensed and insured and we provide liability coverage to protect your belongings during the entire moving process.

Packing Materials

Keeping your items safe is our top priority, so we offer boxes, packing tape, mattress covers, shrink wrap, tools to disassemble and assemble furniture, and other supplies to make your move as easy as possible.

Assembly / Disassembly

Our experienced GTA movers will assemble and disassemble any large items that need to be moved, saving you the hassle and time of doing it yourself.

Integrity & Transparency

At Apollo Moving, we strive to provide the highest quality GTA moving services at the most affordable rates so you can rest assured that you're getting the best value for your money.

Dedicated Agents

We hire only dedicated professionals that will help you every step of the way, from providing accurate quotes to answering any questions you may have about the moving process.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Apollo Moving offers flexible scheduling options to fit your needs. We provide services from early morning to late evening to meet your schedule, as well as weekend and holiday availability.

Prepare for your move

The best way to prepare for a move is to start planning early. Know that relocations take time and it is always a good idea to do your research. Depending on where you are moving, to another neighborhood, city, or state, you might need more or less research. If it is a long-distance move, you can learn the facts about your new city to make the adjustment easier. But, no matter where you are moving, you can get the best help from professional movers Oshawa offers. Another tip about planning your relocation is to list things you need to do. You can do this in any way that helps you, putting down the dates, and things to pack, and making a moving budget.

Finding the reliable movers Oshawa locals recommend

This is something you shouldn’t skip. Having reliable movers is what makes your move stress free. You are entrusting them with your time, belongings, and money, so you should be sure before hiring them. A serious moving company will have great reviews from their previous clients. This is how you can see how they will treat you when your moving day comes.

We at Apollo Movers take pride in the many reviews and awards that we have gotten over the years. You can easily see our reviews on the website or you can call some of your friends if they had a move with us. Treating you as a part of our family is how we do our job, so we will take care of your things and moving day in the best possible way.

A woman searching for Oshawa movers on her laptop
We are proud and thankful to have many great reviews featured online about our moving services!

How can Oshawa movers help you?

Moving with a professional moving company has so many advantages that you can use. First and foremost they are professionally trained and have a lot of experience. They can take care of your move and stick to the plan. Also, with their proficiency, you won’t need to worry about any damages that can happen to your items. Take your time and relax or finish the other things you have while professional Oshawa movers prepare and transport your things to your new home.

Moving services to make your relocation easy

Professional moving companies Oshawa offers can do more for you than simply transporting your things to a new home. They have additional moving services that are here to fulfill all of your needs. See which ones are the best fit for you:

You can learn about all the moving services from our team. Our goal is for you to have the best experience with your move. We will be with you every step of the way and plan your move so that everything is covered.

Packing service from professional movers Oshawa area trusts

Our packing service GTA is one of the most requested moving services. This way you can avoid spending way too much time trying to pack all of your belongings. Instead, allow our team of professional movers in Oshawa to do it for you. You will be able to focus on other things you need to finish. Our movers are trained and experienced, so you can rest assured that everything will be packed safely. Without the need to worry about damaging your items, you can enjoy your moving day.

Another thing is that packing always takes a long time. So, this is another good thing that comes out of hiring a packing service. Your belongings can be ready and packed in a short time and left to wait for the moving day. We also bring our own quality materials and know how to protect each piece before loading it into the truck.

Calculate the approximate cost of your move with one of the best moving companies Oshawa offers

When it comes to moving the budget, it will depend mostly on two things. The first factor that will impact the price is the distance of moving. Long-distance and interstate moves can prices range depending on where you are moving to. The second factor is the weight of the load. Everything that you need to transport will be weighed and a calculation will be made. To make this easier for you to know, we offer a free estimate, simply call our team to ask about it.

Moving to Oshawa

If you are looking for information about this town because you want to move here, here is what you need to know! The city of Oshawa is in Ontario, Canada, and belongs to the Greater Toronto Area. It is a smaller city with a very good and close connection to Toronto. People are moving here mostly because of the cheaper housing options and its safety. It is one of the safest places where you can live, so it is a perfect home for a lot of families and seniors as well. Moving to Oshawa means you can be having better life conditions but still be able to work in Toronto. And you can move here easily with the help of Oshawa movers that are available for you.

A couple moving boxes
Moving to a new home should be a fun experience. Book your move with Apollo Moving movers Oshawa today!

Get in contact with our Oshawa movers

Starting the process of an easy relocation is easy. Simply contact our office and talk to our team. Once you get to talk with our movers Oshawa offers, they will explain everything to you and make the best plan to fit your needs. You can also check out our website and the reviews that our previous client’s left there. We take pride in our business and hope to make your move the best experience for you!

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Frequently Asked Question

What exactly cannot be carried onto vehicles while relocating?

Pets, liquids, oils, and combustible things will not be permitted on board the truck.

Is the hourly fee included of break time?

Our movers are given one 15-minute break every two hours of labor, which is included in the hourly charge. If your moving job lasts more than 4 hours, our movers are given one 30-minute lunch break, which will not be billed to you.

How do you secure my furniture while it is being transported?

All furniture is wrapped and covered with cushioned moving blankets, which are included in the standard fee.

Is it my responsibility to pack my belongings?

If you are unable to pack your belongings on your own, we provide moderately priced packing services. However, if you want our packing services, we recommend that you schedule them ahead of time to allow for enough preparation. The time our movers spend packing your belongings will be charged at our usual hourly rate.

Do you need a list of the things to be moved?

Yes, we request that you provide us with a detailed list of the goods that will be relocated ahead of time. Apollo Moving guarantees that your movers come in a vehicle large enough to transfer all your belongings in a single trip based on the information you supply. Our biggest trucks (26 square feet) will be allotted to places with more than two bedrooms. While these are normally large enough to accommodate a single relocation, our movers may need to make multiple trips with no pricing modifications in some situations.

Do you move food items?

No - sorry, we do not have the resources to move any kind of food items.

What are the items that you do not move?

Toxins, such as mouse or rat poison, oxygen and propane tanks, flammables, explosives, firearms, and ammunition, are not transported.

Can I track my shipment?

Without a doubt. We have a customer service section available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it keeps track of all moving consignments throughout the day.


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