Living in Mississauga – Pros and cons

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So you want to know what’s it like living in Mississauga? We got some great information in this article and we will explore some of the most prominent pros and cons of living in Mississauga. If you are seriously thinking of moving to Canada, we suggest you contact Apollo Moving for all your moving needs and information. Here we will list some advantages and disadvantages of living in Mississauga.

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In short, if you’re looking for a vibrant, youthful, busy, low-crime city, this article is for you. In this city, you got it all. From shopping, and dining, to high-quality universities and schools. There are some things to consider before moving here and as with everything, it has its flaws. The biggest ones are traffic and expensive living standards.

Quick overview of living in Mississauga

Life in Mississauga is very vibrant and modern. You can see that a lot was put into building and creating this beautiful city. If you are from the US, consider contacting long distance moving companies Mississauga for additional information on international moving. We are sure you will have no problems adapting and with additional help, you will move with no stress.

If you are looking for moving companies Mississauga ON offers, we suggest you check out our services and follow the guide to getting the right equipment and information. Depending on your needs, you will have to get help and make this process as easy as it can get.

So without further ado, here are our pros and cons of living in Mississauga.

Pros of living in Mississauga

Close to Toronto

As you may already know, Mississauga is extremely close to Toronto and with it, comes access to all the things that Toronto has to offer. Just a small drive and you’re there. In Toronto, you will have endless activities and it will fill up anything that is lacking in your current city (there isn’t much, but still it’s good to have options).

Great for foodies

Since this city is so diverse, there is a diverse cuisine too! Multicultural people from all over the world open their specialty restaurants and fast food places here in Mississauga. It really has everything from ethnic fast food joints to fine dining and amazing street food choices. A true foodie heaven!

man holding two plates of food
You will enjoy some quality fine dining when living in Mississauga

Awesome job opportunities

The biggest thing for us in this city is the job market. Since the cost of living (we will talk about this later) is pretty high in Mississauga, there is a competitive and healthy job market. It truly has one of the best job markets with many start-ups and business programs. The average salary is around 60,000$ which is okay and up to par with the housing market, although it may still be on the low end.

If you want to get a business running in this city, you will have a lot of options. On the other hand, if you already own a business and want to move it here, we suggest you use office movers Mississauga to move all your work-related stuff here. It will save you time and handle all the important things regarding moving your office so you don’t have to break a sweat.

Low crime rate

This city is truly a low crime rate zone and it’s one of the main reasons why it’s so expensive to live here. If you are concerned about your safety or you just want to have 100% peace of mind, this city is the place for you. With all the modern technology, booming businesses, and high-tech environment, this city has no place for a high crime rate.

A very diverse place

Mississauga is a very multicultured place. According to some surveys, it is stated that more than half of the population is compromised of minorities. It is the most diverse city in the country with many different nationalities. The largest ones are Chinese, Indian, Irish, Italian, etc.

There is a really surprising amount of people with all kinds of backgrounds and this goes for business space too. We are very pleased to hear this and the diversity just adds to the charisma of the city and the business world.

multicultural business meeting
You will find a lot of different cultures in the business sphere


Education here is on a good level with many solid schools in the city. Usually, a lot of them offer French classes since a lot of people in Canada especially in this area speak French. Moreover, it has satellite campuses of the University of Toronto, and community colleges Lampton and Sheridan among others.

Some of the top high schools in Mississauga are:

  • Forest Ave
  • Mineola
  • Tecumseh
  • Woodlands
  • John Fraser
  • Lorne Park

The Woodlands, John Fraser, and Lorne Park are secondary schools. While the Forest Ave, Mineola, and Tecumseh elementary schools. There are a lot of different programs to enroll in with the most popular one being the French Immersion program. As the name suggests it’s heavily focused on the French language and it just goes to show how important that language is here in Mississauga.

graduating and living in Mississauga
There are a lot of solid schools and satellite university campuses

Cons of living in Mississauga

Everything is expensive

The first thing you will hear is that living in Mississauga is expensive. That’s just a fact. The cost of living is high and the housing market is sometimes out of this world. Rent is especially high and gas can jump to some astronomical prices. While the prices are high, they are also pretty justified since it’s a high-quality modern city and a good place to live. If you can find a good living situation and bite the bullet, you are over the biggest hurdle and con of living in this city.

We said that the housing market was very problematic. It’s one of the most expensive housing markets in Canada. The median cost for a home is 800,000$. This is something that just comes down to supply and demand. There are a lot of people who want to live in a big modern and safe city, so the prices follow that idea.

Just to give you an idea, one-bedroom apartments are usually rented for around 1,200$, and if you add the cost of living to that (groceries, gas, internet, public transport, etc) it usually goes up to around 2000$. If you need any additional services, like barbers, saloons, restaurants, or delivery, consider them to follow the same high-cost pattern and be ready.

man holding money
The main issue with living in Mississauga is that it’s expensive

Cut the costs

If you happen to have a home or already a comfortable living situation, local movers Mississauga are an affordable way to help you move into your new home. We understand you will have a lot of expenses but settling in is the most important thing if you want to start a new life in Mississauga.

Furthermore, if you are planning on packing and are moving locally, we suggest you use packing services Mississauga for an affordable and reliable packing service. They know the area best and will save you a lot of precious time and energy with all the packing in a big city.

Transportation can be a hurdle when living in Mississauga

Since it’s a crowded and busy city, we are not surprised that the traffic is pretty bad. On top of that, it has a fog issue so it just makes things even worse in regard to this. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty safe and it’s just sometimes annoying as it is in all big modern cities. However, it’s not all bad, it has an implemented high-quality bus system known as MiWay. It covers more than 100 routes and has an “army” of more than 500 busses. Locals usually don’t like the traffic but they say very good things about the MiWay bus system since it covers a lot of the city and at a reasonable price of course.

This really makes for a troubling moving situation since a lot of delays can happen. If you have some stuff that needs to be moved but doesn’t want to get stuck in traffic, we suggest using residential movers Mississauga to help you and save you from a lot of traffic jams. You will want as much help as you can afford when dealing with big cities and huge crowds.

On that note, if you happen to have something heavy like a piano and want help with moving it, contact piano movers GTA since they are specialized in moving large and fragile things. Don’t leave anything to chance when dealing with bad traffic.

transportation by bus when living in Mississauga
The MiWay bus system is a very reliable source of transportation

Not many walkable areas

If you like walking in nature and just going on foot everything, you will have a hard time doing so in this city. Although the MiWay isn’t bad and people do use public transportation often, usually the vehicle of choice is a car. If you are not the type to drive around the city for things, look for a place where everything is close by.

If you have a single item like a hefty piece of furniture or something that you don’t want to bother with it, use single item delivery GTA for those purposes. A lot can happen in a big city so if you’re down on time and need something done as soon as possible, we got you.

Air traffic noise

Air traffic is not the first thing that comes to mind that will make noise when moving to a big city. In the city of Mississauga, there are a lot of complaints of airplane noise in their apartments. Usually, for some people, this can be a dealbreaker and some people literally don’t hear it and get very accustomed to it. If you or someone in your family is sensitive to this kind of stuff, perhaps investigate further. It’s like living near a busy street. For a newcomer, it can cause problems, but most people get used to it and just brush it off as some background noise.

Not enough parks

Although this city has some beautiful parks, it lacks a bit in this department. It’s not too bad, but it just has a feel of a modern city that is lacking more nature. Since it has fewer parks, we suggest you look into some houses that are near the best parks and fill your outdoor needs there.

Some of the best parks in this city are:

  • J.C.Saddington Park
  • Jack Darling Memorial Park
  • Erindale Park
  • Kariya Park
  • Lakefront Promenade Park
  • St Lawrence Park

So given that all these parks are of pretty high quality, we can’t say there aren’t any natural, especially by the coast of the city. But some areas just lack that natural feel and if you need nature, consider finding a place near some of these beautiful parks.

Getting ready for living in Mississauga

If you are seriously contemplating moving to Mississauga after this, we are here to help. You can contact many of our services such as in house moving GTA to help you in your moving endeavors. Furthermore, if you are planning on buying a house or renting, consider having some kind of storage in between your move.

Since international moving can be difficult, there is always a way to ease things a bit. We suggest you find good storage with storage services GTA and have it act like a middleman between your old and your new home. It’s a valuable thing to have especially in a crowded modern city that you just moved in.

Women researching online about living in Mississauga
Remember, do the research for each thing that you think may be a problem

Last thoughts on living in Mississauga

Moving to Mississauga can be a wonderful experience if you can afford to do so. The biggest “catch” for this city is the high living standard and a lot of traffic problems. If you can get over that one, further living will be smooth sailing and it will give you many opportunities.

Furthermore, it is a very comfortable and safe place to live with all the 21st-century modern city standards. You will feel that you are living in a very modern city. Prices are set to a high standard but so are services and general ways of doing things. This is a professional city so there isn’t much slacking or bad service here. All in all, living in Mississauga is great and if you take this risk, we are sure it will be worth it!


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