Key things to know before moving from Kitchener to Newmarket

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Kitchener is a place with excellent culture, diverse content, and modern architecture. Based on its amenities, Kitchener can be said to be a good place to live. But the lack of nightlife, high rent, and real estate prices, as well as the lack of water and lakes are some of the cons of this city. So, if you have decided to leave this city, Apollo Moving is at your disposal at any time. Also, if your next address is Newmarket, then you are in the right place. Now, we will reveal to you some key things to know before moving from Kitchener to Newmarket. So, keep reading!

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Is moving from Kitchener to Newmarket a good idea?

Kitchener has a lot of life benefits. For example, this place is home to some of the best colleges like Conestoga College, the University of Waterloo, and Wilfrid Laurier University. Also, it has a better climate than most cities in Ontario. The climate in Kitchener is down to -10.3ºC in winter, and the highest temperatures are 26ºC in summer. And one of the advantages of this city is that it’s near Toronto, so it’s an ideal place to live in order to avoid the high costs of living in Toronto. But, in addition to this, the location also has its shortcomings. Well, if you have decided to move it, consider hiring movers Kitchener offers for your move. They can be of great help to you. And at the same time give you space to get to know your new place to live during the move.

Couple preparing for moving from Kitchener to Newmarket.
You need to be sure about your decision for moving from Kitchener to Newmarket. So, think carefully!

So, the main question is whether you are sure of your decision to move and whether you are ready for this step. And now you must be hesitating. Because the most important thing is always to make the right decision. In order to succeed in this, you need to get to know your new place to live and explore all the possibilities it offers you. And we will help you with that. That is why, after that, we will ask you the same question again. And this time we expect you to have an affirmative answer!

Key things to know before moving from Kitchener to Newmarket

Newmarket is located in the Central York region and is considered one of the places with a strong and sustainable economy, for which it has also gained recognition. Based on data from, about 87,942 people live in this city, whose median age is 41.6 years. Newmarket has an urban feel associated with the amenities of a big city. And he tries to keep the city in line with the pace of the rapidly changing world. But despite this, this town has managed to maintain a sense of community and still has a high quality of small-town life.

And if you decide to move to Newmarket, here are key things you should know before moving:

  • Newmarket has an affordable cost of living
  • Newmarket job market offers great opportunities
  • A great selection of things to do in Newmarket
  • Newmarket is a place with a pleasant climate

What is the cost of living in Newmarket?

Newmarket offers you high living standards as well as affordable living costs. The cost of living according to data from Areavibes is 103 compared to the index 100 national average, and the index 111 average in the province of Ontario. In relation to the total cost of living, real estate has the lowest index of 87 d 100. Then, basic living expenses have a cost index of 100, while utilities have an index of 103. Although, in the last period, rental prices have become higher and they average around $1,500 per month depending on the size of the apartment.

Apartment to rent after moving to Newmarket
In Newmarket, people mostly rent one-room apartments, and their rent ranges from 1,200-1,890 dollars.

Does Newmarket offer excellent business opportunities?

The future of this city is promising. So, if you want to be a part of it, movers Newmarket are at your disposal and offer fast and efficient moving services. Thanks to numerous business partnerships, Newmarket can boast of an increase in jobs, and now there are about 41,000 of them. And these are mostly small businesses, environmental and industrial organizations, global technology corporations, top manufacturers, and modern healthcare facilities. This means that these companies offer you good business opportunities.

How can you enjoy and have fun in Newmarket?

The residents of this city really enjoy and have fun every day. And according to them, they like open spaces and parks the most. Fairy Lake Park is one of the great places you can visit after moving. It offers you walks through the forest and along the paths along the river bank. Also, Riverwalk Commons is another place in the series that you can visit in Newmarket. Various events like events are held here, from evening music concerts and movies in the park to summer festivals.

Park to visit after moving from Kitchener to Newmarket
After moving from Kitchener to Newmarket, you will have the opportunity to enjoy nature and walk in beautiful parks in Newmarket.

What is the climate like in Newmarket?

Newmarket has a humid climate due to the fact that it’s surrounded by large bodies of water, with an average humidity of 75%. During the winter, you can expect cold and snowy winters with very strong winds, as well as the lowest temperatures in January and February. Summers are mainly hot and humid. And the hottest month is July, which reaches a temperature of 25°C. The seasons in this city are very different. Autumn brings you colors, changes the landscape of the city, and prepares you for winter. Then low temperatures await you in this city.

Are you ready for moving from Kitchener to Newmarket?

Now that you have learned the key things about Newmarket, we want to ask you “are you sure you are ready for the next step?”. As you could see life in Newmarket is different compared to life in Kitchener. And if you are ready to start the process of your move, you can call local movers in Kitchener and book your moving day. So, after moving from Kitchener to Newmarket you will really enjoy it because Newmarket is a fantastic city. And if you get to know him even better, you will fall in love.


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