Is Kitchener a good place to live?

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Kitchener is a small city in Ontario, 110 km west of Toronto. It is one of the three cities in the municipality of Waterloo. 242,000 people call this city home, and they enjoy the culture and excitement of a big city while living in a small place. The city has Germanic roots, and it was named Berlin until 1916. But apart from basic facts, before you ask yourself, is Kitchener a good place to live, you should take a look at the pros and cons. Our GTA movers service this area, and they can help you relocate if you decide on it.

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Kitchener has more to offer than it seems

Kitchener spreads over 136 square kilometers, resulting in a population density of 527 people per square km. This gives its residents lots of space, where many people own homes with big backyards. This makes it a perfect city for families, active people, and anyone who enjoys nature. The area boasts some of the best moving companies Kitchener provides, and they will help you make this place your home. The stereotypical Canadian kindness makes this place even more desirable, but is Kitchener a good place to live? Let’s take a look at important factors.

Picture of a family enjoying winter
Kitchener offers more than you would expect from a small city.

The cost of living is affordable

In a time when prices are going wild, it is more important than ever to find a place that is affordable to live in. Kitchener might seem like the perfect place for rich people, but it is the opposite. When comparing it with cities in the area. Kitchener is 8.87% less expensive than Toronto. A family of four would need 4,350C$ a month without rent. It is also more affordable than the national average.

Rent can be a problem

In 2019, there has been a 16% increase in the rent prices of one-bedroom apartments in Kitchener. A studio apartment costs 1,877C$ a month. This is a record increase, and it has been only going up since. The main reason for this is a huge number of Torontonians who are hiring some local movers in Kitchener to make it their new home. There is a big demand for renting properties, so the prices naturally increase. The price of homes for sale, on the other hand, is below the average, at 695,000C$.

Kitchener has a mild climate

Canada is famous for the snow and cold weather, but Kitchener is the milder version of Canada. Residents get to experience the best of all 4 seasons, with average winter temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius. On average, for 95 days a year, the ground will be covered with snow, with an average depth of 12 cm. Summer temperatures are also comfortable, with an average of 26 degrees Celsius.

This small city has top-class education

Kitchener has many elementary and secondary schools, that teach in both English and French. Aside from the regular teaching program, these schools also offer unique extra activities for each student. Some of the best schools in the area are the University of Waterloo, Conestoga College, and Wilfrid Laurier University. They support different careers, from cooks to healthcare professionals.

Picture of a kid getting ready to study
If you are wondering is Kitchener a good place to live, just look at the educational opportunities that you or your kids will have

So, is Kitchener a good place to live?

Taking everything into consideration, the answer to the question of is Kitchener a good place to live is yes. Apart from the high rent, there aren’t many worthwhile cons to the city. If you want to avoid paying the expensive rent, either buy a home or rent a smaller place to pay less each month. If your items don’t fit into your new home, you can always hire moving and storage Toronto, for affordable storage units. We wish you good luck with your move to Kitchener!

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