How to pack plants for moving

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Packing your belongings for moving is already stressful enough as it is. It is the biggest, and let’s face it, the most tedious moving-related task. But it needs to be done. When you’re preparing items, you have to declutter, sort the things, get appropriate moving supplies and pack them carefully before professionals from one of the moving companies GTA offers show up at your doorstep. However, certain items need to be packed more carefully than others since they tend to be more delicate. One of these items is plants. These sensitive belongings will require a bit more knowledge and skill to pack. This is why, in this article, we are going to cover the basic steps of how to pack plants for moving.

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a few pots of succulents
When it comes to packing your fragile possessions, learning how to pack plants for moving is of utmost importance if you wish to see them protected.

Prepare your plants for moving

Since plants are fragile and sensitive possessions, they will require a bit more preparation for the move. If you thought you could just put them in the box on moving day and be done with it – that won’t do. You will have to learn how to pack plants for moving, and the first step is repotting. A couple of weeks before the move, make sure to repot some of the plants into more solid containers to avoid that sort of damage during the move. This way, your plants will have the time to adjust to the new environment.

plant prepared for packing by someone who knows how to pack plants for moving
Preparing your plants for relocation should be done before the move. So, make sure you repot and trim them!

The next thing you want to do is trim any plant that needs it. If you do this, you will enable your plants to grow more lusciously in the future, plus they won’t take up too much space in the truck of your residential movers Toronto. Nevertheless, ensure you stop watering them 2-3 days before the moving date. Moving wet plants is a terrible idea since you will likely have a fungi problem on your hands.

Tricks you can use to pack plants for moving

How you will pack your plants for the move greatly depends on whether you are moving them by yourself or with the help of a moving and storage Mississauga company. If you plan on moving them on your own by car, you might use a small open box to place your smaller plants. Larger plants can be laid down on the back seat with no problem. However, if you prepare your plants to be moved by professionals, that’s a different case. Therefore, you might want to pay attention to the following:

  • Choosing the correct box – Choosing an appropriate boy to pack your plants is a crucial thing when it comes to learning how to pack plants for moving. You’ll want to choose a box in which you can comfortably place your plants. This means that there should absolutely be no cramming the plants together. Another helpful tip would be to tape the bottom of the box so there’s no risk the plants will tumble over.
  • Securing the pots – It would be excellent if you could wrap the pots in plastic bags. This way, you will stop soil from spilling all over the place. Once you do, place that in a box.
  • The empty space between the pots – The empty space between the pots should be filled with packing material if you wish to minimize the risk of damage. You can use bubble wrap, plastic bags, packing paper, or even newspaper.
  • Closing the box – The final step is closing an securing the container. Make sure no branches are sticking out, and carefully close the box. Don’t forget to make holes so air can reach your plants. Furthermore, ensure to label them properly; your movers will know to handle this box with extra care.

Why you might want to consider hiring professionals

Since moving is a process that involves many tasks and details, carefully packing plants for relocation by yourself might be a time-consuming option for you. Luckily, there are packing services in Toronto you can hire for this. If you do so, you will transfer one of the essential moving tasks to capable hands. Who can do a better job at something than professionals who are trained for it?

plants in white pots
When it comes to relocating plants, hiring professional packing services might be the best and safest option.

If you use packing services Mississauga movers provide, you will have more time to take care of the rest of moving-related tasks. Also, you can rest assured that the risks of damage are minimal. Professional packers can handle this type of thing and know exactly how to place the plants, which materials to use, and how to control them during transportation. Therefore, professionals might be the best choice if you have many plants you wish to relocate.

Final words

Remember that whether you are relocating by yourself or with help, you will need to be careful about your fragile belongings. When it comes to learning how to pack plants for moving, ensure you follow the advice given above. Prepare your plants for relocation in order to pack them more easily. And whatever you do, don’t water them before the move. And when packing them, ensure you use appropriate boxes and other packing materials such as newspaper, bubble wrap, and packing paper. Don’t forget to let your plants breathe within the box by making holes in it. Lastly, ensure there is a label on all your packages that contain plants. But if you wish to avoid mistakes and ensure the safety of your plants, it would be best to consider hiring professionals to help you.

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