How to pack clothes when moving – pro movers tips

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Clothes are one of those items that we never seem to have enough of. Trends come and go, and our closets just keep getting fuller. You might not pay attention to the clutter until the point that it’s time to move. Moves are times to declutter, but clothes are so difficult to get rid of. Hanging onto the hope that you might wear it one day, you leave every clothing piece in its place. If you don’t have much time to declutter, then you shouldn’t bother decluttering clothes. If you won’t be assisted by reputable movers like the ones at Apollo Moving, then packing will take a long time. So, today we are here to teach you how to pack clothes when moving.

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There are many ways to reduce packing time with clothes

Clothes take a long time to prepare and pack, even though they are not fragile items. Our residential movers Toronto have packed their fair share of clothes, and know how to speed it up, without losing quality. Since these items can’t really be damaged, you don’t have to be too careful and spend packing materials. So, if you want to learn how to pack clothes when moving, you need to:

  • Take time to prepare the clothes for moving
  • Separate seasonal clothes
  • Cut corners where possible
Picture of a woman making decisions
When you wonder how to pack clothes when moving, keep in mind that it will take a long time

Take time for the preparation

Clothes are best when stored clean, and moving might have you end up with your items in storage. So, you will want to properly prepare your items for staying in boxes. If you plan to wash your clothes before packing them, it is mandatory to let them dry out completely. Just to be sure, run your drier on an extra-long setting. In case there is even the slightest amount of moisture left, your clothes will gel moldy, a stain that is impossible to take out. If you know that our packing services Toronto providers will knock on your door soon, start doing laundry early on.

Separate seasonal clothes

Living in Canada, or any other country with distinct seasons, you will have seasonal clothes. You won’t be using winter clothes during the summer, so those will be in storage for some time. If you are moving to a smaller home, then you can even consider hiring services relating to moving and storage in Toronto. The point is, you won’t be using seasons clothes soon after your move, so feel free to pack those clothes first, and load them onto the moving van first. Their boxes will be out of reach, leaving room for the more frequent, essential items – bathroom and kitchen items.

Save time packing where possible

People start packing for a move 2-3 months in advance. A good part of this time is spent packing clothes, so it will be great if you can save a bit of it. Well, professional long distance movers Toronto can give you a few hints. If you happen to have dresser drawers full of clothes, there is no need to take the clothes out, if you plan to move the furniture piece. Simply take out the drawers, wrap them with plastic foil, and you have done two things at once – reduce the weight of the dresser and reduce the amount of time needed for packing clothes.

Picture of a clock drawing
Luckily, there are ways to reduce the amount of time needed to pack clothes.

Conclusion on how to pack clothes when moving

If you have never needed to learn how to pack clothes when moving, luckily, doing it is not so difficult. You cannot go wrong, clothes luckily can’t break. The worst thing that can happen to clothes is for them to get moldy or stained with liquids from your moving inventory – items that most movers won’t move. Using plastic bins is a good way to provide maximum safety for your items, so give it a try. Good luck!


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