Finding the best place to raise a family in Ontario

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Many consider the Provance of Ontario as one of the best places for families with children. So, no wonder that many young families are looking for the best place to raise a family in Ontario. However, it is also suitable for singles, and retirees. Regardless if you are looking for a place to settle down, or want to start a business, Ontario could be the best Provance for you. With its combination of large cities and natural attractions, it is also very interesting for tourists. Ontario has a population of 14.7 million. In case you want to join them and move to this attractive Provance, Apollo Moving is the right company to give a call to.

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How to choose the best place to raise a family in Ontario?

Ontario has many cities and towns that offer excellent lifestyle amenities. So choosing between them is not such an easy job. First, we must consider that every family has unique needs. So the family will have to bring the final decision. However, there are certain benefits attractive to all families with children. The first is the possibility for parents to find a good job. And the other benefits they are looking for are:

  • possibility to get a decent home
  • the city must be safe
  • streets and parks must be clean
  • the city must have an excellent educational system

Actually, a lot of cities in Ontario meet those requirements. So, we will here present some of them. And you will figure out which one is the best fit for you. Once you make the final decision, give a call to long distance movers Toronto for fast and secure relocation.

Children playing in the park - the best place to raise a family in Ontario.
Children’s safety is one of the most important things for parents.

Ontario cities that are most attractive for raising a family

The best way of choosing the cities to rise a family in Ontario is to learn about them. Following this idea, we have checked several cities. We checked the differences between them and the amenities they offer. In that way, we were able to create a shortlist of the best cities for young families:

  1. Toronto
  2. Oakville
  3. Vaughan
  4. Brampton

Let’s now take a closer look at all the details about the mentioned cities.

1. Raising a family in Toronto

Toronto is often listed as one of the safest cities for living in Ontario. Besides, it has an excellent schooling system. And, it has an excellent job market as well as a very low unemployment rate. Therefore, you can expect that you will easily find an adequate job for yourself. And that your family will have good living conditions in this interesting metropolis. Already this is enough to consider engaging the local movers Toronto.

Toronto population and attractions

Currently, Toronto has 2.7 million residents. And in the Toronto metro area is living over 6 million people. So, it is not only the capital of Ontario but the most populated city in Canada. As a metropolis, Toronto offers its residents a variety of amenities. Living in it, you will be at the center of cultural and sports events. And you and your children will be able to enjoy numerous attractions.

People Gathered in Front of Toronto Freestanding Signage.
Although a Metropolis, Toronto has very high-security rates.

The city has many excellent programs and places for children. Some of those are:

  • Ontario Science Centre
  • Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Toronto Zoo
  • Riverdale Farm
  • Ripley’s Aquarium
  • Hockey Hall of Fame

This is just the beginning of the list. Besides, the city is located on the shores of Lake Ontario. And, the waterfront is lined with numerous attractions. So, it is not unusual to see families spending time there.

2. Oakville could be a good place for your family

Oakville is also located at Lake Ontario, between Hamilton and Toronto. It has about 200,000 residents and a reputation for being one of the best places for families. That is because of the family-friendly atmosphere, excellent schools, and large possibilities for outdoor activities. 

The median house price in Oakville is $275K, but depending on the area, the houses can cost 1,5 million and more. In case you decide to use the services of movers Oakville, you will easily find a good job. Namely, the city is home to over 8,000 businesses. 

3. Living with family in Vaughan

Vaughan is located just north of Toronto. The city has a bit over 340,000 residents, and it has one of Canada’s fastest-growing economies. It is known for its famous tourist attraction centers:

  • Vaughan Mills – the largest shopping mall in the country
  • Canada’s Wonderland – the largest amusement park in the whole of Canada

The costs of living are affordable. The crime rates are very low. And, there are abundant job opportunities available. Besides, the school ranking in Vaughan is excellent. So, if this looks like a good place for your family, don’t hesitate to hire movers Vaughan.

People Inside Building.
Vaughan has one of the largest shopping malls in the country.

4. Brampton could be the right place for your family

Brampton is located in the Greater Toronto Area and is considered a great community for families. The city has about 600,000 residents. Yet, it is a nice, quiet place, with very high safety rates. The schools in Brampton are known as highly ranked. So, bringing your family in here, with the help of moving companies Brampton, could be an excellent decision.

Moving to Brampton, you will find a huge number of businesses. And, since its economy is booming, you won’t have any problem securing a good post and income.

Attractions in Brampton

Living in Brampton, you won’t be bored. The city has numerous parks and entertainment centers Also, in the vicinity, there are some nice reserves, where you can spend good quality time with your family.

Moving to Ontario, you will easily find a family-friendly city

Although entire Canada is a beautiful country, Ontario is a place where a lot of people want to settle. It offers individual freedom, stability, a peaceful environment, as well as job security. In Ontario, you can also expect to find affordable housing, good schools, and a lot of natural attractions. And, what is most important for parents, Provance has high-security rates and excellent schools. That is why finding the best place to raise a family in Ontario is an easy job. 







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