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Moving your office can mean a step forward in your business. If you have decided to take this step, and if you are sure of your decision, then it’s time to talk about it. Before you start preparing to move your office and packing, and before you contact Apollo Moving, you need to choose one of the best Toronto areas to move your office. So, today we will introduce you to some of the best business areas in Toronto and help you choose the best one for you based on your business activity. So, stay with us and find the right place for your business!

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Why Toronto is one of the best areas to move your business?

When we talk about Toronto, we can freely say that it’s the city with the best business opportunities for small and large companies, but also for young professionals and other people who want to work, improve and progress. Also, through research, we came to interesting data, namely that 57% of American companies are considering expanding their business to the territory of Canada.

Toronto is one of the best places for life, business, and fun.

Here are some reasons why Toronto is the best business area in Canada:

  1. Qualified workforce. 62% of people aged 25 to 35 have secondary education. While 62% of the workforce in Toronto is made up of women. Also, Toronto is known as the “favorite workplace in the world”. A qualified workforce will enable expansion and success in the business world of companies and small businesses.
  2. A strong and healthy economy. Toronto is the second largest financial center in the world, and also has the largest banking system. Economic support is provided by the sectors of food processing, financial services, technology, science, fashion, film, and art, as well as tourism.
  3. Low taxes. The advantage is that Canada has the lowest tax rate on new business investments at 25%. Also, this city offers you a reduced income tax.
  4. Living standards. Quality and affordable life rank Toronto 13th when it comes to the best city to live in the world. And also, this is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Based on evaluations and reviews, we came to the fact that people in Canada rate the quality of life at 7.4, while the world average is 6.4.

We hope that these 4 reasons are enough for you to understand that if you choose one of the Toronto areas, you will not go wrong.

Toronto areas to move your office

Choosing the best Toronto area to move your office will depend solely on the type of business activity you are engaged in. But we have singled out some of the best Toronto business areas:

  • Financial District
  • The Junction
  • Fashion District
  • Distillery

In a conversation with commercial movers in Toronto, we concluded that these are some of the most frequently chosen areas when it comes to office moving. So, let’s see what makes these business areas in Toronto special.

One of the most frequently chosen locations is the Financial District. This area is also the commercial heart of Toronto. What makes this area the best is its location, as well as its strong economy. However, renting office space here can be very expensive. But the advantage is that this area has a large number of companies, which means that you can find partners and customers from afar and connect with them, which can positively affect your business. In the Financial District, you can also find some of the biggest banks, and technology companies like Google.

one of Toronto Areas to move business
The Financial District is one of the most frequently chosen locations for business, but also one of the best Toronto areas to move your office.

The Junction, right after the Financial District, is considered one of the best places to move your office. Also, the main advantage, in this case, is the location. This area is located at the intersection of the main railway lines, which makes it a very accessible place. Another advantage of this area is the favorable prices for renting office space, which offers you both industrial space and a warehouse. But don’t worry about extra space. Toronto moving and storage offers a wide range of storage options for all your needs.

Fashion District and Distillery

This is an ideal area for those involved in art or design work. The Fashion District has become a favorite place for the young population who wants to deal with design, fashion, writing, publishing, and production. And one of the good news is that there are many affordable offices in this area. So, if you have decided, packing services GTA will take care of packing your office equipment. And it’s up to you to find the perfect office. Also, this district is home to some of the most famous designers, producers, fashion creators, etc. Maybe one day you will become partners?

Welcome sign on the shop door in one of Toronto Areas
These two Toronto Areas are ideal for small businesses, think about it!

This district is as old as Toronto itself. The distillery is home to the best-preserved examples of Victorian architecture. Also, the Distillery is located on the outer edge of the city center and is simultaneously home to artisans, theaters, restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. At the same time, it is one of the best Toronto areas to move your office to if you are running a small business. Did you know that the Destieleria is the number one film center in Canada where over 1,700 films have been shot? Distillery District was opened in 2003, and since then it has been an ideal place for those who want to deal with art, catering, and sales.

To conclude – the choice of the best place for moving your office will depend exclusively on the type of work you do. And also, from financial possibilities. So, in relation to the possibilities of your business choose one of these Toronto areas to move your office! Good luck!


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