Best places to eat in the Greater Toronto Area

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The Greater Toronto Area is a fantastic location – with the city of Toronto and all the regional municipalities, there are many great places to live. And with that comes the amazing culinary scene. There are many excellent options, and you will find whatever kind of food you might like or want to try in the Greater Toronto Area. So while one of the moving companies GTA is taking care of the move, you can explore some of the best places to eat in the Greater Toronto Area and try some new things too.

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Markham has some of the best places to eat in the Greater Toronto Area

When it comes to cities with great food in the Greater Toronto Area, Markham is one of the best. What is the best place to eat is one of the first questions people ask our movers Markham. And that depends on your taste because you have a lot of options.  The city is located 30 km northeast of Downtown Toronto and has a population of 338,503. If you like good BBQ then you have to visit the Cheongdam Korean BBQ. Then there is the NextDoor Restaurant with classic dishes. It’s a tavern-style restaurant and is very popular among locals. If you like pizza then the Slice of Fire Pizza is the place to go. With a lot of great reviews and an overall great rating, it’s the best pizza place in the city. If you feel like going for sushi, then you must visit IKON Sushi.

Person eating sushi at one of the best places to eat in the Greater Toronto Area
You can enjoy all kinds of food in Markham.

Mississauga has a lot of great restaurants including gluten and lactose-free options

Mississauga is a big city neighboring Toronto and it’s located on Lake Ontario. It’s a beautiful city and a great place to live. With a strong and diverse economy, great schools, and a transit system, it’s a very popular city for people to move to. And with that comes a lot of great places to eat at.

With a population of 828,854, there are many restaurants opening up all the time, and here are some of the best places to eat in Mississauga. Crepes De Luxe is a must visit. With both savory and sweet French Crepes, it’s a must-visit. It also offers gluten, lactose, and eggs-free options. Pho Ngoc Yen Restaurant is the best Vietnamese restaurant in the city and is a must-visit too. And you can explore these restaurants while one of the best moving companies Mississauga offers takes care of your move.

Go to Brampton for the best Italian food in the Greater Toronto Area

When people ask our movers Brampton where is the best Italian food in the Greater Toronto Area, Fanzorelli’s Restaurant & Wine Bar is always one of the recommendations. The restaurant has stone oven-baked pizzas which are delicious. There is also an international wine list. And everything from Tuscan Fries and Cannelloni to homemade Tiramisu and homemade Creme Brulee. So make sure that you get your reservation in time.

If you feel like going for a buffet then you should visit the Mandarin Restaurant. They offer daily lunch and dinner buffets. And there are also take-out and delivery options. With a lot of local and Chinese dishes too, you can easily find something that you like. And if you want to eat something sweet after that you can visit macaronZ. They have a lot of big selection of all kinds of wonderful pastries and are well worth the visit.

Baked pizza on pizza peel in oven
You can enjoy stone oven-baked pizza in Brampton.

Toronto has some of the best places to eat in the whole Greater Toronto Area

When talking about the places to eat in the Greater Toronto Area, we can’t go without mentioning Toronto. There are many places with great food that you can explore while one of the moving companies Toronto is transporting your things to your new home. The number one place to visit in the city is Grandma Loves You, which was voted the best place to eat in the Greater Toronto Area in 2022. With a lot of amazing sandwiches, you can easily find one that sounds the best for you. There is everything from meatballs and cheese to turkey with bacon, spicy ham, and Italian salami and cheese. Then there is the Pai Northern Thai Kitchen with amazing Thai food.

There are many more places with checking out and visiting, some of which are:

  • Descendant Detroit Style Pizza
  • J San Sushi Bar
  • Sugo
  • Burger Drops
  • Juicy Dumpling

If you love a good steak, then you must go to Vaughan

If you like a good steak then The Keg Steakhouse+Bar is the place for you. It’s one of the most popular food places in Vaughan, and it has a lot of great reviews from the locals. Prime Rib is always a great choice. Then there is also the Teriyaki Sirloin, Top Sirloin, Filet Mignon, and New York Striploin. As you can see there are many great options. And aside from steaks, it has a lot of other things too, from chicken to seafood. So, make sure that you reserve a table and prepare yourself to enjoy some great food. And don’t forget to reserve a table! You can call them, and you can even do it online on their website. After that, you can go to the Amadeus Patisserie for some European and French cakes and pastries.

Steak on a table with vegetables at the side
You can enjoy all kinds of steaks in Vaughan

Explore the city and you will find good restaurants that way too

Another great way to find great places to eat in the Greater Toronto Area is to just explore the city to which you have moved. Whether you have moved to Toronto, Vaughan, or somewhere else, you should explore the city. Oftentimes some small and popular food places won’t be on Google maps or anywhere else, and it can be very fun finding them by exploring the city. Or by a local recommending you the place. So have fun and explore the city after you move!

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