Affordable places to live in GTA

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With today’s economy, many people are looking for affordable places. But, how to make the choice? There are several indicators that can help. Among them are housing affordability, job growth, rental market affordability, and other costs of living. Under other costs, we understand utilities, groceries, healthcare, and transportation prices. Comparing all those indicators, we comprised a list of affordable places to live in GTA. Besides, we took into consideration the crime rates too. Although GTA is known for good schools, we still checked the school scores in the chosen area. So, if you are a young parent, this information can also help you. Once you are sure about your choice, Apollo Moving will take over and bring you to your new place.

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Affordable places to live in GTA

Many GTA locations qualify as affordable for the good life. Nevertheless, here we will present to you the places that seemed to us to be the best in all categories. Those places are:

  1. Vaughan
  2. Etobicoke
  3. Scarborough

Now we will present each of them in detail. This will help you gain an insight into life in them. And decide which of them appeals to you the most. If you have already thought about another city, we hope that the indicators we have presented will be of help to you.

Toronto, ON, Canada - Affordable places to live in GTA.
There are many affordable suburban areas in the GTA.

Vaughan is one of the affordable places to live in the GTA

Vaughan is located in the Regional Municipality of York, north of Toronto. Between 1996 and 2006, it was one of the fastest-growing places in the GTA. It currently has around 341,000 inhabitants. It also has a competitive industry, with 19,000 jobs, employing around 236,000 people.

GTA Housing Market

A GTA breakdown of median home prices shows that in December 2022, the price of a home in Vaughan was $1,341,780. The median rent in Vaughan ranges from $2,000 for a studio to $3,800 for a 4-bedroom apartment. So, if you decide to move to this GTA city, movers Vaughan offers will arrange a simple relocation for you.

Vaughan’s costs of living

To get a more precise picture, we have compared Vaughan’s costs with the national average costs. So, we can see that Vaughan’s costs of living are 15% higher than the national average. Still, the overall livability index of Vaughan is 81%, which is an excellent result.

Besides, the crime rates are 50% lower than the national average. And, schools have an 8% higher rating that the national average.

Beautiful nature and a lot of possibilities for outdoor activities

If you decide to move to Vaughan, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful nature. Besides, the city has many parks and possibilities for natural activities.

Toronto, ON, Canada suburb
Toronto’s suburban areas are generally more affordable for living.

Another one of the affordable places to live in the GTA is Etobicoke

Etobicoke is a suburb of Toronto. Besides the wonderful water shore position, it has several more neighborhoods. The entire city is also known as a family-friendly area. There, you will also find many parks and possibilities for outdoor activities. It has about 365,000 residents. In case you decide to join them, count on the moving companies in Etobicoke.

Etobicoke housing market

The majority of homes in Etobicoke are detached or semi-detached single-family houses on large streets. Their average home prices depend on the city neighborhood:

  • Etobicoke Centre – $1.01 million
  • Etobicoke Lakeshore – $965,363
  • Etobicoke North – $807,122
  • Etobicoke South – $1.07 million
  • Stonegate-Queensway – $1.3 million

Besides the neighborhood, the prices will also depend on the size of the property. Besides the houses, you can also buy a condo apartment. Their average price is $534,286.

In case you are renting, you will be paying $2,214 for a one-bedroom home in Etobicoke.

Etobicoke costs of living

The costs of living in Etobicoke are lower by 12% than in Toronto and in Ontario. If we look at housing, we can see that it is 18% lower than the national average. The overall livability index in Etobicoke is 78%. The crime rates are 17% lower than the national average. And, the real estate prices are 18% lower than the national average, and 34% lower than prices in Toronto.

Although Etobicoke is a family-friendly area, school ratings stand at C+, which means that your kids will receive the average education. Still, 30.4% of residents have completed a bachelor’s degree.

Scarborough is among the affordable places to live in GTA

Scarborough is a large, multicultural area. There are Scarborough Bluffs, the huge cliffs overlooking Lake Ontario. They are lined with parks, beaches, and hiking trails. There is also located the Toronto Zoo, with animal pavilions, close-up encounters, and a wildlife health center. The area is also known for restaurants serving  Asian, Chinese, and Indian dishes. It has about 61,900 residents.

Toronto, ON, Canada.
Public transport in Toronto’s suburban areas is good.

The Scarborough is divided to:

  • Scarborough City Center
  • Scarborough

However, the indexes are very similar. So we will present the average costs, and where they differ considerably, we will present separate information.

Scarborough housing market

In case you intend to move to the area, knowing what real estate to expect is important. The average home prices range from about 700,000 in City Center to $1.046.058 in Village. And, to reach your new home safely, regardless of the location, rely on moving companies Scarborough services. In case you are renting, expect the median price in both places to be about $2,550, for a 1-bedroom apartment.

Scarborough costs of living

In Scarborough City Centre, costs of living are 18% lower than the Toronto average, and 9% lower than the national average. Also, housing is 51% lower in City Center, and about 20% in Village, than the Canadian average.

When it comes to safety, there is also a difference. Namely, the safety in Scarborough Village is higher. However, in both places, the schools have high ratings. So, in both places, your kids will receive an excellent education.

Many people are buying property in the GTA

According to records, about 32% of the people are buying property further in the GTA than before the pandemic. One of the reasons they can afford to stay further from Toronto is the possibility to work online. So, that is also allowing them to purchase property in the areas they like. Or they consider the more attractive. However, if you decide to do the same, remember that there are many affordable places to live in GTA. And to buy property in them.



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