6 smart money-saving moving tips

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Doing anything nowadays is expensive. You cannot leave your home without spending money. But one of the situations that win the prize of being among the most expensive is moving – your expenses will be both financial and laborious. Our GTA moving services providers have been working in the industry for years, and they have seen it all when it comes to moving. Today, they will share a few money-saving moving tips, that will make this expensive endeavor a little more affordable.

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What are some of the best and most effective money-saving moving tips?

Since moving can cost anywhere from $800 to $6000, you can do a lot to impact that price. Contrary to popular belief, hiring residential movers in Toronto will greatly decrease both prices and labor. But apart from this, there are other money-saving moving tips that can be implemented. Our 6 best ones are to:

  • Time your move for the best season
  • Look for cheaper packing supplies
  • Have fewer items to pack
  • Measure bulky furniture
  • Stop buying groceries before the big day
  • Cancel utilities on time
Picture of a person making a list of money-saving moving tips
Moving is expensive, and you should try to reduce the costs

Time your move well

80% of all the moves in the USA happen during the summer month. When there is demand, the prices increase, not just in the moving industry. Because of that, moving and storage Toronto will be more expensive to use during the busiest months. You can get a moving estimate for 20% less money just by deciding to move during the less busy seasons, winter, for example

Find cheaper packing supplies

Packing supplies like bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape don’t cost much, and you can hardly find them secondhand. Moving boxes, on the other hand, can be found secondhand, for only half the price of new ones. If they are not damaged, they are just as good as new ones!

Fewer items to pack

One of the most genius and overseen money-saving moving tips is to own fewer items that need to be moved. Fewer items result in less packing materials and moving labor needed, and less time invested in packing overall.

Measure bulky items

Bulky items like furniture can often not fit in new homes of people. They will go through all the trouble of lifting and transporting it, only to find out that it was for nothing. Measure both the furniture and the tight problematic spots in your new place, because even our office movers Toronto are not magicians! If it simply doesn’t fit, there isn’t much you can do.

Stop buying groceries

In a time as stressful as moving, many people even forget to eat. But even if you do, you likely won’t prepare Michelin Star restaurant-worthy meals. So, you will likely need fewer groceries than usual. Reduce the amount of food you buy by 80% a few days before the move, or stop buying altogether. You deserve to rest from cooking and ordering takeout.

Cancel utilities on time

Did you know that early termination of the contract with utility providers can result in early termination fees? If your goal is to save money, this is a legit way you can do it. It is as simple as giving your utility providers a call well ahead of the big day, and you can even give them the new address for setting up your utilities there.

Picture of a man having a phone call
Some of our money-saving moving tips only take a phone call to complete

Our money-saving moving tips will save you a small fortune

It can be difficult to manage finances when they are very limited, especially when doing something expensive like moving. But there are always ways to implement money-saving moving tips – only if you have time. The preparation for a long distance move will take at least a few months, and this will be enough time to find cheaper solutions to almost every problem. Good luck!


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