5 questions you should ask your movers

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When you decide to move and include professional movers in your relocation, you know that you made the right move. Apollo Moving carried out many relocations in different areas and just like countless moving companies out there, we encourage our clients to ask all the questions they want. Good communication will always give the best results, a pleasant relocation, and a long-lasting partnership. Because of that, it is more than important to be prepared for movers and their arrivals. Apart from preparing your household and inventory, it is good to have some questions ready. You will feel much better once there are no dilemmas left and when you know you can trust your movers to the fullest. Take a look at these 5 questions you should ask your movers before or during your relocation!

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1. Is the moving company licensed?

Even though a quick look at the official website will answer this question, it is always a good idea to talk with your movers about it. Professional residential movers GTA  will immediately tell you about their licenses, experience, and much more. The reason this question is on the list is that nowadays there are many scammers pretending to offer moving services. And while they may be easy to spot for some, a lot of people don’t have enough experience and will later pay the price. When the moving company is licensed it means you will get only the best moving services. Your inventory will be in good hands, and relocation won’t take forever.

movers holding packing boxes
All those questions you should ask your movers, they already expect, so feel free to do it

2. How do they calculate the prices?

The next thing you must know is how much your relocation will cost. A general rule is that moving alone will set you back more and that is why movers are essential. A good moving company will include distance, weight, and secondary services to form the final price of your move. After checking out their official website or having a conversation with their employees you will even get a free moving estimate. Knowing the approximate price will help you organize your finances better. If you have any additional questions to ask your movers regarding the payment you should do it right away. Together you will be able to make a perfect offer that will fit your pocket and will cover every aspect of your relocation.

3. Do they offer any discounts?

No matter how big or small your relocation will be, it is good to know if you can count on some discounts. A lot of moving companies will provide them especially if you go with office movers GTA relies on. Since this is a different type of relocation, your moving company may provide some discounts. But there are other possibilities as well. Some movers will provide a discount if you take multiple moving services. This is why you must talk with them about this before your relocation officially begins. If you are still checking the website, make sure to look for this information there. Chances are huge that you will find it alongside moving services.

money in the jar representing that most common questions you should ask your movers include those regarding the price
Before you schedule the moving-out day, ask them about the price and discounts

4. What moving services do they offer – one of the most important questions to ask your movers

What you need are all the services that will cover your move. Transporting your items is the main service every moving company provides, but things are not that simple. Nowadays, the majority of us are extremely busy, and we don’t have time to focus on our relocation to the fullest. This is where movers come to the scene. For those who wish to move but their new home or office is still not ready, you will need more than just transportation. Storage services GTA offers are what you are looking for, and your movers will help you with all the details. Keep in mind that you should also ask them about special items, in case you have them. Those will need special care, and your movers should be aware of all the details regarding your inventory. 

5. How will they handle last-minute changes?

Every moving company has a different set of rules and policies, and your task is to inform yourself on time. You should try to eliminate the possibility of canceling your relocation or making sudden last-minute changes. However, we can’t predict the future, and you must know what to do in case you find yourself in this situation. So, once you find a good moving company, ask them how they will handle it, and if there will be any additional fees included. This is an extremely important question you should ask your movers, especially if you are moving far away. Long distance movers GTA trusts will have all the answers ready for you.

Additional tips and questions you should ask your movers

The easiest way to avoid sudden changes is to plan your relocation to the fullest. If you are moving from or to the city of Mississauga, start planning a couple of months before scheduling it. This will allow you to keep everything under control and avoid unexpected situations. Of course, if you feel like you are not ready to move just yet, it is better to wait and call the movers some other time. As long as you keep things under control and rely on movers, there is nothing to worry about.

mover holing flowers and stool
Your movers will help you understand the entire process better by answering your questions

Remember that you can add more questions to ask your movers to this list. After all, it is your relocation, and you should ensure everything works out great. You can ask them while arranging plans or once the movers arrive. These events are important and huge, so you don’t need to avoid asking questions. Movers expect you to do it, and it is their job to guide you through this process, so rely on them and have fun while moving!

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