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Transforming Houses into Homes

We know that moving into a new house or apartment is tough, but with little assistance, it can be enjoyable and stress-free. You may leave the relocating to us and concentrate on other things. Our team has been trained to handle a wide range of valuables and belongings. We can assist you in planning and carrying out your relocation. We do home relocation within Canada as well as long distance residential moves. When moving, Apollo moving and storage services may make your life a lot easier—when you choose us, a Toronto moving and storage business, you’ll get air-conditioned storage facilities, a guaranteed safe, packing service, and moving company insurance.

Hiring Apollo group will give you multiple benefits
We can help you take off that extra load of your shoulders. There are several things to consider, such as paying bills, relocating your children, cleaning, and so on. Combining these activities with packing and moving your heavy stuff can only ruin your mood and make the joyful journey of moving into a new property somewhat stressful.
During residential moving, there are a lot of things that are quite heavy like refrigerators, cupboards or anything. We can help you with al the heavy lifting. Our team is equipped to handle heavy materials and carry out the move efficiently.
Residential moving takes up a lot of time. If you are doing it alone, it is possible that it will take you more than 2 days to move it all. But with us, we will save your time as we have a large team who have been trained to do the work in a time frame. A team of skilled house movers can pack, move, and transport all of your stuff in a single trip, saving you a significant amount of time. It can also save you money on gas.

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Frequently Asked Question

Answer: Pets, liquids, oils, and combustible things will not be permitted on board the truck.
Answer: Our movers are given one 15-minute break every two hours of labour, which is included in the hourly charge. If your moving job lasts more than 4 hours, our movers are given one 30-minute lunch break, which will not be billed to you.
Answer: All furniture is wrapped and covered with cushioned moving blankets, which are included in the standard fee.
Answer: If you are unable to pack your belongings on your own, we provide moderately priced packing services. However, if you want our packing services, we recommend that you schedule them ahead of time to allow for enough preparation. The time our movers spend packing your belongings will be charged at our usual hourly rate.
Answers: Yes, we request that you provide us a detailed list of the goods that will be relocated ahead of time. Apollo Moving will guarantee that your movers come in a vehicle large enough to transfer all of your belongings in a single trip based on the information you supply. Our biggest trucks (26 square feet) will be allotted to places with more than two bedrooms. While these are normally large enough to accommodate a single relocation, our movers may need to make multiple trips with no pricing modifications in some situations.

Answer: No, Sorry we do not have the resources to move any kind of food items.

Answer: Toxins, such as mouse or rat poison, oxygen and propane tanks, flammables, explosives, firearms, and ammunition, are not transported

Answer: Without a doubt. We have a customer service section that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and keeps track of all moving consignments throughout the day.
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Why Choose Us

With an experience of completing over 3000 projects, Apollo moving provides the best moving services in and around Canada. We aim at giving you the best moving experience that is Stress and Hassle free. No Hidden Cost: From commercial moves to residential ones, we are able to complete the steps necessary to quickly move you into your new space. Quality Assured: Each job that we take on becomes the focus of our moving team. We go out of our way to exceed our client’s expectations and give them a service.